What's a cardigan?

Cardigan is one of the variations of a knitted jacket with buttons,
without a collar and with a deep V-neck. Cardigan was named "Cardigan"
in honor of 7 of his Cardigan Count James Briundel, his regiment in
the 19th century. at the beginning was famous as the most elegant
in Europe. When the count injured his arm, the cardigan represented
him in a jacket, unable to put on a hard-cloth uniform, ordered a
knitted version of the latter. Later, the cardigan won the sympathy
of golf lovers, and in 1930, inspired by the golf Pringle, he released
the famous classic cardigan model Twinset. Thus was born the classic
detail of the British wardrobe and although at first the cardigan was
part of the men's range, later it was successfully integrated into
the basic women's wardrobe. First, the cardigan was designed as a
compromise between a strict dress code and complex life circumstances.
Cardigan is tradition, everyday life, informality, intelligence and
irony. If you compare a cardigan with a life partner, it gives the
clothing ensemble feelings such as home coziness, family protection,
values ​​and tenderness. The cardigan is not suitable to wear with a
strict dress code, but is perfect for an informal business or leisure
style. The cardigan should be so larger than the contour of the body
that it does not stretch the lines of the body. Traditional men’s
cardigns are usually available in black, blue, brown, gray or beige
and are also best used in women’s collections. In romantic sets, the
cardigan brings a breath of light masculinity. There are so many and
varied cardigan variations, it’s important to discover what’s right
for you.